Daily update failed notification

I’m on the latest master and I’m getting this notification now constantly. Running daily.sh as the librenms user gives me no errors, and even marking the notification as read doesn’t stop the red popup on every page load.

logs/daily.log just has this over and over:

Cleaning up DB
Refreshing alert rules queries
Eventlog cleared for entries over 30 days
Authlog cleared for entries over 30 days
Performance poller times cleared for entries over 30 days
Device performance times cleared for entries over 7 days
Returned: 0
Updating SQL-Schema

Returned: 0

and the last entry in logs/error_log is from April.

Is this just a bug with a new feature or is there somewhere else I should be checking?

Noticed the same problem yesterday, a check is in progress. Will update.

There is a bug where users with updates disabled get the notification. A fix is in master now.

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It’s working for me now, thank you!