Deprecation notice: Alerting - Legacy transports and templates

This is a notification to inform users that we will be deprecating the use of legacy alerting transports and old alerting templates in the New Year. The timeline of when things will happen is as follows:

October 2018 - This notification informing users.

November 2018 - Add deprecation notices in to the code base indicataing if deprecated features are being used.
- Follow up notifications on social media / Discord.

December 2018 - Follow up notifications on social media / Discord.

January 2019 - Remove the ability within the WebUI to manage legacy transports.
- Follow up notifications on social media / Discord.

February 2019 - Remove the code that supports legacy transports and templates. At this stage these features will no longer function.


Q. How do I know if I’m using an legacy transport?
A. Any transports configured under the Global Settings page aare classed as legacy transports. All new transports are under the Alerts menu.

Q. How do I know if I’m using an old template?
A. When you go to edit the template a notification will pop up informing you. If this appears, you can convert the template online within the same section. We suggest you do this asap.

Q. Why are you removing these?
A. For a long time now we’ve maintained backwards compatibility within the code base but this adds to the ‘technical debt’ we have and also leads to bugs later on down the road. To resolve this we will be making active choices on legacy code that will be deprecated. This will ease the burden of code maintenance, code complexity and debugging for both us and you. Also, legacy transports make use of eval() which really needs to go.


I’m guessing those last two dates are 2019 :slight_smile:


Updated the post, thanks.

Hi. I’ve converted my transports and all seems OK. With the “Email options” section in Global Settings -> Alerts Settings, will this be deprecated too?

The DEPRECATED notice seems to indicate the “below” options are deprecated but not the items above that notice?

Correct = email settings still apply.

Cool, thanks for the clarification.

We’re using the legacy e-mail transport right now. We enjoy how notifications only go to users who have permission to see a given device.

Can this same type of configuration be accomplished with the new transport methods?

try it and see

How do we move to the new templates?

new syntax is in there you will need to edit/convert them

Convert button has been added back too to help you get 90% of the way there.