Device Dependencies - Router 1 is down which is affecting 3 child devices

Hi all,

We have a scenario where we want to alert an on-call engineer if a device goes down, but not alarm on all child objects as it’s very noisy. However we still want to make them aware of the severity of the single device being down.

For example:
LibreNMS <-> Router 1 <-> Router 2 <-> Router 3 <-> Router 4
At the moment, device dependencies has 1 as parent of 2, 2 as parent of 3, 3 as parent of 4.
If Router 1 goes down, so will the links towards 2, 3 and 4. But the on-call person will only get a single alert for a single router.

Is there any way to put in the alert when Router 1 goes down.
“Router 1 is offline, 3 child alerts suppressed.” or “Router 1 is down which is affecting 3 child devices” - something along those lines?

I’m not sure if this type of feature exists yet.

Thanks in advance

Alerts are per device and not in any specific order. It won’t know how many other devices are down.

You might be able to estimate how many child devices are down in the alert template.

I would also like this ability to list in the alert email the “child” devices that will be effected by the outage. We don’t need LibreNMS to actually scan those devices and confirm they are down first. Just use the device dependencies we’ve configured.

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