Device Dependency Setup Question


I am a few days into LNMS. I think I am going to really like the Device Dependency feature once I get it all set up. I have a general question regarding the following scenario:

CORE > Switch 1 > Switch 2 > Switch 3 > Access Point

Do I set the parent of Access Point to Switch 3? Or do I need to set the parent(s) as Switch 3, Switch 2, Switch 1 and the CORE?

And do I need to set EVERYTHING in my network as children of CORE? I mean, if the CORE goes down, everything does.


Hi @prenger745 ,

welcome to the community.

Just as You wrote it, define it as one straight line. Beginning with the Access point, point the parent information “upward” one node at a time. In the device settings for the device “Access Point”, the field next to “This device depends on” would only show “Switch 3”. Technically, one could add two or more parent devices at that point, only would make sens, if it would represent the actual logical/physical connections. In Your case, Switch 3 would then point to Switch 2 that would point to Switch 1 that finally point to the CORE.

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