Device Group by Downtime

After the update a month or so ago with the Downtime category. Is the downtime store in the database somewhere? I was trying to find it to create a rule or device group. For instance devices that have a downtime longer than 1 hour add them to this group.
Thank You

Downtime is done as a calculation. We can probably do that for alerts as well.

So recently we have been having alot of power outages throughout the state. Occasionally battery backups don’t always powerback when the power comes back on or equipment is fried. The device up/down works but its hard to see what is still down with 1000s of emails. I was hoping to create a device group or be able to sort or categorize by downtime. That way I can specifically see what devices have been down for over an hour but not longer than a few days.

I see you can sort by uptime but not downtime?

Here is a thought for your alert rule for device down just set the “Max Alerts” to 1. That way you only receive one alert per device for being down. Then once the device comes back up you will get a recovery email. Instead of 1000’s of emails.

Example Alert Rule.

The 1000 of emails are because that’s how many devices we have that go down. But to correspond the recovery emails to see what sayed down vs what came back online. Due to heavy rain devices will go down and recover and 30 mins later go down again due to another power outage or brownout.

The downtime field isn’t a field so we can’t make it available for things like device groups only for alert templates.

The Webui will show you active alerts, is that not enough for you to see what’s down? If not, what about using the API?

The active alerts is fine, I was just seeing if there was a way to group the devices by downtime. How would I write an alert for devices down for over an hour?

well here is how alert would look for device down for last 60 m

device group for down last 30 m

Thank you, Will give it a try

I’m not sure the macros here will do what you need. They are to compare against a datetime column I think.

You are probably right @laf I was just trying get some ideas rolling.