Devices in wrong Device Group

Hello all,

I have searched for a similar issue but am not finding anything so I’m hoping someone has a clue on this minor annoyance.

I have created a dynamic Device Group with the parameters ipv4_addresses.ipv4_address LIKE ‘10.0.%’ OR ipv4_addresses.ipv4_address LIKE ‘10.75.%’ to be added to a group called Central Office. The problem I am having is that for some reason 2 devices that do not meet this criteria are being added to the group. One device’s IP is 10.28.% and the other is 10.5.%. Any ideas where I should be looking to see why this is occurring and how to correct this?

./validate.php info:

Component Version
LibreNMS 23.4.1-42-gb0998b99a (2023-04-26T19:01:55-05:00)
DB Schema 2023_04_12_174529_modify_ports_table (250)
PHP 8.1.18
Python 3.8.10
Database MariaDB 10.3.38-MariaDB-0ubuntu0.20.04.1
RRDTool 1.7.2
SNMP 5.8

[OK] Composer Version: 2.5.5
[OK] Dependencies up-to-date.
[OK] Database connection successful
[OK] Database Schema is current
[OK] SQL Server meets minimum requirements
[OK] lower_case_table_names is enabled
[OK] MySQL engine is optimal
[OK] Database and column collations are correct
[OK] Database schema correct
[OK] MySQl and PHP time match
[OK] Active pollers found
[OK] Dispatcher Service not detected
[OK] Locks are functional
[OK] Python poller wrapper is polling
[OK] Redis is unavailable
[OK] rrdtool version ok
[OK] Connected to rrdcached

There are probably addresses on that device that match those criteria.

If you are looking to get just the devices can you filter on device.hostname or device.sysName ?

Share the full rule so we can see. Have you tried using ‘Begins with’ ‘10.0.’ as an example?

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. My inconsistent network admin added an IP on the management port on these 2 switches for some reason and that’s why they are showing up. I knew I was missing something!!!

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