Disabling or deleting interfaces?

Using LibreNMS | 1.37-41-g4da272f

I discovered hundreds of routers/switches and I got thousands of Loopback and Null interfaces. Later I discovered the way to regex for bad_interfaces :), but currently I have a problem to solve: using queries on the DB I put those interfaces in disabled state and graphs are not being generated. My question is about polls: are disabled interfaces polled with the enabled ones? Is it the same if I delete those interfaces? I want to speed up polls but I don’t know if snmpbulkwalk cares aboute deleted or disabled interfaces.

Turn selected port polling on if you want to exclude disabled ports.

Also if you make those ports as bad interfaces you may have to purge them Under ports>delted ports in the web UI.

Ok, thanks for the tip. I see
but clicking there I get an Error 500 from the server.
No errors in the apache error log. Where I can find further details about the error?

increase php mem limit. https://docs.librenms.org/#Support/Configuration/#core

You got it thanks. I deleted the disabled/deleted interfaced using the bulk actions.
It took a while and worked.

Is there other way to NOT PULL(not list) those not-wanted interface besides using bad_interfaces?
I got a device that have only two physical interface but LibreNMS returns a total of 105 interfaces,taking the polling time to almost 35 sec.

I like how Cacti handle this, just manually pick which interface you want to monitor.
Some device’s bad interface might be other device’s good interface.
(I’m not familiar with how bad_interfaces works, so correct me if I’m wrong.)