Discovery_by_ip and allow_duplicate_sysname not applied



I have added this lines to my config.php file but are not apllied on device discovery proccess.

$config[‘discovery_by_ip’] = false;
$config[‘allow_duplicate_sysName’] = false;

If I go through webgui to global settings configuration page are not showed. I have copied from configuration docs.

What am I doing wrong?



set them to true


Hi Kevin,

Setting them to true will avoid to add duplicate devices with same sysName and devices who has no dns record?




$config[‘discovery_by_ip’] = true; Will allow Auto Discovery to add devices by IP that could not be resolved by DNS.

$config[‘allow_duplicate_sysName’] = true; Will allow devices to be added even if they have had the same SNMP system name.


Hi kevin,

I want just the opposite. Do not add devices that does not have a dns record and do not add more than one device with the same sysname.

All routers that has vrrp/hsrp configured appears duplicated one device with physical interface and the second one with virtual one.

thanks for all.