Distributed Poller help

Im looking for a little more in depth guide for the Distributed Pollers if anyone has set this up.

My plan is to distribute around my network small raspberry pi “like” devices and have all the polling done by them but i’m not sure how much needs to be set up on each one.

The biggest issue you have with this is if your central rrd store is not ARM based then it doesn’t work as rrdtool is not compatible between CPU architects.

The device we are using is a odroid c2 and it has the ARMv8 64bit quad core, being that this is x64 and the core server is x64 will that still work or what factors have to match up to make them work together. All i can find is differences in x32 and x64.

If it’s ARM based then it’s not compatible so I don’t think this approach will work for you.

You could switch to using influxdb but we don’t have any webui support for those graphs.