Do not send device down if parent switch port is down

I am wanting to change the device ICMP up/down rule to not send if uplink port on the parent is down

For example:

Switch 1 is an 8 port SFP switch
Switch 2 is a 48 port switch with 2 SFP ports
port 8 on switch 1 goes to switch 2 on SFP port 1, and uses it for uplink.

Currently, if port 8 on switch one goes down, we will get 2 alerts…
First alert saying port 8 on switch 1 went down
Second alert saying ICMP is down to switch 2

I want to change this (maybe create a macro?) so that if a device’s ICMP goes down, the rule will not alert if the parent switch (switch 1) shows the port to switch 2 is down, with either the switch hostname in the port alias and/or mac-address on the parent switch port

That’s is exactly what device relationships does. However, only the fast ping poller guarantees polling order.

I have fast ping on, and as far as if a parent device’s ping goes down, it wont alert for the children’s ping, which is good. What I’m after is if the port that the child switch is on goes down on the parent switch, I don’t want to get the Ping down alert for the child switch. So if the parent switches ping is up, but the port that is the uplink for the child switch goes down, I only want the alert for the port on the parent switch going down, not the ping of the child switch going down.

Maybe I am missing something, but it currently send an alert for the parent switches port going down, then send an alert for the child switches ping going down.

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