Docker Dispatcher changing poller group

I have a docker-compose.yml set up to bring up a libre and libre_dispatcher service.
I’ve set it up to point the mysql, rrdcached, redis, memcached to a central server running the full docker-compose.yml currently on github.

The poller cluster connects but does not seem to be adhering to the distributed poller settings.
I’ve created a config.php in the vm in location ./librenms/config/config.php with the following lines;

$config[‘distributed_poller’] = true;
$config[‘distributed_poller_name’] = ‘ent-ss-poller’;
$config[‘distributed_poller_group’] = 2;
$config[‘distributed_poller_memcached_host’] = ‘removed’;
$config[‘distributed_poller_memcached_port’] = ‘11211’;
$config[‘rrdcached’] = “removed:42217”;

The cluster comes up in the web ui, firstly not with the name set here but rather of the docker hostname.

The main issue I am experiencing is the poller group keeps changing to 0, even when I change it manually within the webgui it just changes back.

Is there something I’m doing wrong or is this a possible bug?

Hi @Mark_Marryatt,
For me it worked when I changed poller group manually as you explained then restart dispacher container and it makes change persistent.