Downstream MAC information


In OpenNMS, when you are looking at switch ports, you are given this information…

Where the ($ip_of_downstream_device($MAC)) is shown…

I know that LibreNMS will show you the port and the MAC for the port but it’s the MAC of the port and not the downstream device. Is there anyway to configure LibreNMS to give me that information?

did you look in the FDB Tables? maybe - also depends on what network devices you are using?

You know, as soon as you mentioned it… I remembered about that tab. Ok, so I got the MAC addresses in the FDB table.

Now to figure out the reason the IPs are not showing for UBNT EdgeSwitch.

Thank you.

I was a long time user of OpenNMS but LibreNMS is much better and user-friendly for my environment. Anyways happy monitoring -