Duplicate usage of panSessionActive with PanOS

Hi !
We have a duplicate usage of panSessionActive on LibreNMS
In the overview page

And in “graph”, “firewall”

In have create en PR for patching the overview and add the SSL Proxy usage but i don’t know if it’s usefull …

What is the best option for this duplicate ?
Thank’s of your reply

Graph was there, Count sensor was recently added. And Count sensor is more insteresting than the graph cause it can be used for alerting. So only Count Sensor will survive in fine.
If count sensor is not working, it must be of course fixed.

If the value is always 0, probably the num_oid is wrong. Run the poller with -v and -d parameter to troubleshoot that.

Ok for me, i will add count for SSL Proxy and load for Session + SSL Proxy too