Email transport suddenly stopped working


Can anybody tell me where i can see email transport log for troubleshhoting?
Some day ago i stopped receive alerts from NMS. my email provider told me that they can’t find any hitting in logs from my KMS host.
How can i findout and troubleshoot this issue?


Please validate your install
to validate your install run ./validate.php and then pastebin your results

@Victor_Svetogor please test this PR and see if it helps:

Hi Kevin,

here you are
But it worked before, and nobody changed anything …


Wow, your install is way way out of date because of those issues, fix them using the recommendations in the output until you have a clean validate and see how it is.

Hi ,

i fixed issues -
but it wasn’t help

You’ve still got some modified files. You can do git diff to see what changes are there. If you haven’t got anything you need to keep then run git stash save and then ./

files were modified to support some unsupported devices year ago.
e-mail stopped three days ago - i can’t believe thar problem appeared year later :slight_smile:

i just need the way to see e-mail transport log. is it possible?

On the same token then as your LibreNMS install hasn’t updated in the last year then something in your OS or your provider has changed.

We don’t log info to that level. Lots has changed in the last 8 months so I suggest you update.

the NMS was customised by previous admins, how can i make sure that all customisations will work in updated version?

The operating system has also not been updated for a long time …

You can do git stash save then update and run git stash apply - however if any of your changes conflict with the updates then it will not complete and you’ll need to fix things manually.