Error in displaying 32bit AS numbers

Hi all,
my problem is that LibreNMS is not correctly displaying 32bit ASNs in BGP discovery.
For example, both discovery.php and the BGP web page, show ASN 23456 instead of the correct one, which is 202870.

SQL[UPDATE bgpPeers set bgpPeerRemoteAs=?,astext=? WHERE device_id=? AND bgpPeerIdentifier=? [“23456”,“”,181,“”] 1.11ms]

Is this the expected behaviour? Is there anything I could do to correct this?
Thank you very much for your help.
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And what is returned by your router? Before de SQL Update should be the SNMP answer from your router.

Can you paste that part?


indeed, it seems like the SNMP answer from the router shows the wrong ASN.

BGP4-MIB::bgpPeerRemoteAs.* 23456
BGP4-MIB::bgpPeerRemoteAs. 23456

So, do you think this could be related to an error in the SNMP MIB? Because the “show ip bgp summary” command on my router shows the correct ASN.

[email protected]#sh ip bgp sum | include 202870 ESTAB 31d 1h47m 15 0 10 0



In this case, the MIB itself has nothing to do here. Your router is returning invalid data :frowning:

What router is? I suggest to open a ticket with the vendor or look if that its fixed in a recent firmware or something.

It’s a Brocade MLXe-4. I’ll check for infos about this issue with the vendor.
Thank you.

This is not invalid data in fact :slight_smile: This is just a device that does not support 32 bits ASNs. AS 23456 is a placeholder in the protocol that means “go look at the AS32 bit value”. And if the device does not understand 32bits, it is just an AS16 number that will be happily accepted and will not break the whole internet :slight_smile:

So you should basically upgrade the device to get AS32 support and you’ll get the correct ASN.