Error Oxidized

Hello, I hope you are well, you can help me solve the following error when executing rust, thank you very much and good health.

I, [2020-10-30T21:56:28.944191 #11768] INFO – : Oxidized starting, running as pid 11768
I, [2020-10-30T21:56:29.070567 #11768] INFO – : lib/oxidized/nodes.rb: Loading nodes
E, [2020-10-30T21:56:42.408708 #11768] ERROR – : node {:name=>“localhost”, :model=>“linux”, :group=>nil} raised Oxidized::ModelNotFound with message ‘linux not found for node ::1’
I, [2020-10-30T21:56:42.862620 #11768] INFO – : lib/oxidized/nodes.rb: Loaded 1 nodes

There is no model linux in oxidized. If you want to backup also linux there is model linuxgeneric.

If you don’t want to backup linux and you are using librenms API to get devices list for oxidized add ingore types into /opt/librenms/config.php

$config['oxidized']['ignore_types'] = array('server','power','appliance','firewall','printer','storage');

Thank you very much your comment helped me.