Execute Oxidized

Hello community.

Performing the validation or at the time of executing oxide in the console I get the following information.

I, [2020-11-04T17: 34: 46.325192 # 2294] INFO -: Configuration updated for /

And in the web environment I get the following message We couldn’t retrieve the device information from Oxidized, how can I solve it.

Thank you very much and good health

Is Oxidizes accessible from your LibreNMS installation?

Hello this is the configuration I have of oxide:

At the moment of executing oxide I get this in general and it stays in the last line loading:

This is my Php configuration:

Configuration .router.db

I await your comments.

Seems like Puma is only listening on Change that in your config file to the real IP of the Oxidized server.

Hello, I changed the IP address in the configuration of the oxide, but the same information continues to appear, however, check if I could execute puma and I get the following warning. You can tell me if the change from the IP to oxide was what you were referring to or not.

Is that from executing Puma “standalone”? Seems you would have more information if you just start “oxidized”. It should start by getting the nodes, then you see the Puma information before it starts collecting configurations.

Hello, how do I get the nodes? Those nodes are not those of router.db

Thank you very much for your interest.