FDB table bugs (?)

Hi All,

On making a bit more use of the FDB table search function I’ve noticed a couple of potential bugs.

  1. When I do an IP address search the search query seems to be treated as a simple partial string match. For example if I search for it will also match, etc… this can result in a lot of entries to search through to find ones that are actually relevant to the search. This may be more a feature request than a bug but some sort of IP address specific search syntax would be desirable here, whether using wildcards, 10.0.7.* subnet, ( ip range etc…and of course being able to do an exact match for something like without matching other devices.

  2. The first drop down “All devices” seems to be broken - when left in the default setting of All Devices FDB searches work correctly, however if I change it to any specific device (switches) such as, there are always no matches to any search I make, even though I might be choosing a switch which All Devices has already confirmed the device in question is connected to.

Anyone else notice this?

I’m running the latest version of LibreNMS with automatic updates enabled on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS.

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