Filter discovered devices by type


I’ve been trying to find information on the documentation and googling but I was unable to find anything. I will like to know how to filter out a device type, ie I don’t want to discover or add printer devices (they are on the same network so it’s not possible for me to filter by network discovery parameters).


I don’t think you can do by “device type” but you can do by sysname see here

Also, you could change your printers to have a different SNMP community string then the rest of your network devices.

Thanks for the reply. The only problem with that is it will be difficult to change all the printers to the new SNMP and also having another team dealing with the issue usually doesn’t work very well.

It will be a cool feature that if at the time of the discover you add a property like type to the device, you could filter by that property.

I’ll keep disabling and the devices (my current solution). Just wondering if it was possible.

could you not exclude by the sys name or description?

I can filter some of them but you know that sometimes the people who install this devices they don’t always follow a proper convention. Anyway I’m doing the proper and changing snmp communities on servers (will be easier than changing the printers). Just saying that be able to say: This LibreNMS will only monitor: Servers and Networking or Printers and Storage, etc… will be great.

I hear ya, it’s the same here where I work all the techs setup printers all the campuses and did not follow the guidelines for setting up. I had to go back and fix them all. It’s a struggle :slight_smile:

We don’t know the remote device is a printer until after we’ve discovered it so this isn’t possible. You’ll either need to exclude the IPs/ IP ranges for the printers or change the SNMP creds on them to ones you don’t store in config.php