Filter hosts in oxidized


Is it possible to hide oxidized configs if a user acces these configs via the overview, tools menu and does not has been given permissions to the device. Now these configs show up as non clickable.

It would be a great help if the user could only see the hosts he or she has access to.

thank you in advance.

check here ->
If set the user to "Normal or “Global View” they shouldn’t be able to see the configs.

Hello Kevin,

Thank you for your answer.

It is true that normal or global view users cannot see the config. But if they go to Overview --> Tools --> Oxidized then the user can see all the hosts that are configured in oxidized. The user cannot see the config, but they can see the hostnames which in this case are devices from other customers.

I do not want them to see this :slight_smile:

create an issue on github.

Thank you, i will do that.