Freenas / truenas disk error alerts?

I’ve got some Freenas and Truenas servers set up. Librenms recognized both easily, but I will also need to set up some alerting for disk errors/failures.

I see from the dropdown list for “Create rule from collection” there are SOME rules for Synology and QNAP NAS, but … that’s it. Can I get some advice on how to make alerts for these very common servers?

A month later, and evidently nothing new to be learned. I give up hope

Before you can have useful alerts you need to know what data is being retrieved from the device. You can only alert on changes to data that is actually being received, so if your NAS doesn’t make “disk errors/failures” something that can be polled by SNMP you can’t create alerts for it.

So have a look at what data is available from the device in LibreNMS. I’m not monitoring any NAS devices but my guess is there would need to be a “State” sensor being published by the device. If there are any for that device they will show up in a “State” panel on the right hand side, for example:

Go to Health->State on the main top menu bar to see if any of your devices advertise states.

States can be for things like “OK”, “Warning”, “Critical” for a certain aspect of a device. For example some of our switches advertise state sensors for the fans such as “Right Fan”, with a value of “OK”, if the fan failed this state would change and an alert could trigger from that.

If you don’t see any states for the device via SNMP you’re probably out of luck unless you want to set the NAS to send syslog to LibreNMS and create alert rules that parse syslog entries for key phrases - which is possible but somewhat complex to set up and potentially not completely reliable since syslog messages are often sent with UDP and can be lost.

The only other useful data you could poll from a NAS would probably be free disk space and send alerts if disk space was low - I have low disk space alerts for all our Windows servers for example.

Good luck.