Gateone Integration

Please add an option to remote the location option from the url. We have all our devices added with the ip address and this breaks Gateone integration until we manually edit the html files and remove &location

Thanks for all the good work.

This doesn’t contain enough information - however if you’ve fixed it then submit a pull request.

I agree with @Wolfraider that an option in the config.php to turn off the location value in the SSH string to gateone would be valuable. If your network devices’ hostnames are IP or FQDN the location value causes gateone to not work. For example:

This will not render anything but if you do:

it will work, or if you set the location value to anything without a period in it.

@tslytsly what are your thoughts on this addition? I know you had a lot to do with the gateone integration from the beginning.

I haven’t had time yet but I though about writing a simple override that would read the force_ip_to_sysname or discovery_by_ip options in config.php and set gateone to include the location field or not. force_ip_to_sysname probably makes more sense.

I’ll have a look, I can probably create another option that only appends location if it’s set.

@tslytsly Were you able to look at this or can you put me to the right location where the location is set? I looked at some old commits but the folder structure doesn’t appear to be the same anymore. I would love to be able to help add the options for Location.


HI @difi80211g,

Sorry, just not had the time! :frowning:

There are only 2 places that you need to look at.

Around line 264.
it just checks if the Gateone setting is there and changes the URL. It also checks if it should append the user.

The code is currently around line 458, same as above.

Not sure if both are needed anymore.