Generic Device H3C

I am trying to add a H3C brand device in librenms, so far so good.

The problem is that I find it in a generic way.

I have the device name (model)
H3C S5500-52C

The SysObjectID is:
What is the Yml to configure this device in the path /include/definitions/$name.yml?

i dont see H3C, i can saw the 3com.yml compatibility in google but not more… Can help me please?

I search in git but i dont see anything.

Any helps?

what is the yml? comware? 3com? others if yes what other yaml have the configs for this device?

I think you might have to create it

Developing New OS

i learn but the h3c it support with yaml comware (/opt/librenms/includes/definitions/comware.yml) and i puth the sysobjectid but dont detected…
Model H3C S5500-52C with… any can help me?

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