Geo Location Mapping

Hi Community,

I wonder if someone can help me.

I am trying to assign a unique sysLocation string to all devices E.G


My problem is that if I do this the Geo Location creates a new group for every device because the RackPositionX will vary per device.

Looking at location_map, location_map_regex and location_map_regex_sub I can normalize the sysLocation string. However, I require the unique sysLocation in Libre somewhere to query at a later date.

Is there a way we can manipulate the Geo Location group to ignore the first X characters of the sysLocation string; or ignore all character before the first “_” or some form of escape character.

This could also be resolved by writing the pre-altered sysLocation string to the backend DB before it is altered by location_map_regex.



Or it could be fixed by honouring DNS LOC entries… Browse through feature requests and if someone else has a similar FeatReq, ad your voice to it… if there is no feature request, open one.

Maybe better to add some not parseble start and stop symbols, like:

street, number, town, country [gps coor] (extra not parseble data loc nickname, rack etc)