Graph Wildly inaccurate

I noticed lately that my graphs are WAY off and I am not sure why. So perfect example, today I started to upload some stuff to the internet. My max upload speed to my ISP is 10Mbps. My physical interface speed on my firewall that I am graphing is 1Gbps. The Librenms Graph however is showing upload/out of 57Gbps which is not even close to being correct.

Here is my RRD Command from that graph
RRDTool Command

rrdtool graph /tmp/2nOpSSXLd012QyT6 --alt-autoscale-max --rigid -E --start 1647885900 --end 1647972300 --width 1519 --height 300 -c BACK#EEEEEE00 -c SHADEA#EEEEEE00 -c SHADEB#EEEEEE00 -c CANVAS#FFFFFF00 -c GRID#a5a5a5 -c MGRID#FF9999 -c FRAME#5e5e5e -c ARROW#5e5e5e -R normal -c FONT#000000 --font LEGEND:8:DejaVuSansMono --font AXIS:7:DejaVuSansMono --font-render-mode normal DEF:outoctets= DEF:inoctets= DEF:outoctets_max= DEF:inoctets_max= CDEF:octets=inoctets,outoctets,+ CDEF:doutoctets=outoctets,-1,* CDEF:outbits=outoctets,8,* CDEF:outbits_max=outoctets_max,8,* CDEF:doutoctets_max=outoctets_max,-1,* CDEF:doutbits=doutoctets,8,* CDEF:doutbits_max=doutoctets_max,8,* CDEF:inbits=inoctets,8,* CDEF:inbits_max=inoctets_max,8,* VDEF:totin=inoctets,TOTAL VDEF:totout=outoctets,TOTAL VDEF:tot=octets,TOTAL CDEF:dpercentile_outn=doutbits,-1,* VDEF:dpercentile_outnp=dpercentile_outn,95,PERCENT CDEF:dpercentile_outnpn=doutbits,doutbits,-,dpercentile_outnp,-1,*,+ VDEF:dpercentile_out=dpercentile_outnpn,FIRST VDEF:percentile_in=inbits,95,PERCENT VDEF:percentile_out=outbits,95,PERCENT COMMENT:‘bps Now Ave Max 95th %\n’ AREA:inbits_max#D7FFC7: AREA:inbits#90B040: LINE:inbits#608720:‘In ’ GPRINT:inbits:LAST:%6.2lf%s GPRINT:inbits:AVERAGE:%6.2lf%s GPRINT:inbits_max:MAX:%6.2lf%s GPRINT:percentile_in:%6.2lf%s\n AREA:doutbits_max#E0E0FF: AREA:doutbits#8080C0: LINE:doutbits#606090:‘Out’ GPRINT:outbits:LAST:%6.2lf%s GPRINT:outbits:AVERAGE:%6.2lf%s GPRINT:outbits_max:MAX:%6.2lf%s GPRINT:percentile_out:%6.2lf%s\n GPRINT:tot:‘Total %6.2lf%sB’ GPRINT:totin:’(In %6.2lf%sB’ GPRINT:totout:‘Out %6.2lf%sB)\l’ LINE1:percentile_in#aa0000 LINE1:dpercentile_out#aa0000 HRULE:1000000000#000000:‘Port Speed 1 Gbps\n’ --daemon

[email protected]:~$ ./validate.php

Component Version
LibreNMS 22.3.0-3-g9c127bfd4
DB Schema 2022_02_03_164059_increase_auth_id_length (235)
PHP 7.4.3
Python 3.8.10
MySQL 10.3.34-MariaDB-0ubuntu0.20.04.1
RRDTool 1.7.2
SNMP 5.8


[OK] Composer Version: 2.2.9
[OK] Dependencies up-to-date.
[OK] Database connection successful
[OK] Database schema correct
[WARN] Dispatcher Service has been used in your cluster, but not recently. It m ay take up to 5 minutes to register.
[INFO] Detected Python Wrapper
[OK] Connection to memcached is ok

Just FYI this a distributed poller setup however this is occurring on the primary Libre Server not the secondary puller.

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