Graylog plugin stopped working for windows hosts in host detail view, Recent Graylog link broken regardless of OS

I’ve got graylog running on a different machine gathering logs from plethora of devices including linux, freebsd, mips, arm and windows and a working graylog integration with librenms; and right up until some time last month all machines regardless of the operating system correctly showed recent graylog entries in the machine detail view.

The situation now is it works for every operating system but windows and clicking the Recent Graylog link is broken for every OS.

Screenshot of my graylog plugin window in nms dashboard:
shows a mips router ‘openwrt’ and windows machine ‘turbojeba’. If I click on each of them, I’m correctly brought to the machine details view. In case of the openwrt the recent graylog entries show up as expected.

However if i click on the windows host, while I’m still correctly brought to its detail view, the Recent graylog section shows roughly month old entries prepended by a random number of dashes, see screenshot:

Moreover, regardless of the operating system in question, clicking the ‘Recent Graylog’ opens a page with nonexisting host (cube logo with no name) showing syslog from the nms host instead, see screenshot:
Browser’s address bar shows url broken by a bunch of spaces like so:

Accessing either the graylog server directly or only the graylog plugin in nms dashboard shows correct log entries from each and every host.