Group of groups support


Is it currently possible to group device groups into device groups?

So for example, i have a group spine switches, a group leaf switches and a group dc firewalls. Is it possible to combine them in 1 group datacenter?



I know the page, but it doesn’t demonstrate the answer to my question. I already have device groups, now I want to combine those groups in another (super) group.

Combining all the queries in a single query would become unreadable / unmanageable.

I gotcha you, that’s not possible then.

This is kind of a kludge, I don’t see a way to do it by name, but you could try taking the group ids (you can see these as the group= number in the URL when you’re on a device group page) and build an OR query on those.


%device_group_device.device_group_id = 1 || %device_group_device.device_group_id = 2 &&

That works, thanks!

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