Group with devices that are not in another group

Hi All,

I’m relatively new to LibreNMS, and have just started with alerting, and using dynamic groups instead of static ones.

I have a group which contains remote servers, which I monitor for other people. This is a static group called ‘Non-personal Servers’. I would like to make a group with my personal servers, which contains all the servers that are NOT in de remote group.

To accomplish this I have made a rule with the following pattern: NOT LIKE ‘%Non-personal%’

I would expect this to grab all the servers that are not in the Non-personal group, and put them in this one, but that does not happen. Instead, every server is placed in that group.

Is what I’m attempting even possible, and if it is, can anyone help me achieve this goal?

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Post a screen shot of the alert rule please.

Below you’ll find a picture of the Dynamic Group rule!

Hi jvank,

same problem here, did you manage to get this working?