Help clean RRD_DB

I deployed LibreNMS through Docker, I have a problem cleaning up the RRD cache db. It keeps growing and I can’t freee up its space. I set the variable $config[‘rrd_purge’] to 30 as shown in Official docs. I also run the command manually which executed correctly but it didn’t free up space. Is there any other option used to clean this DB?

RRDs are fixed size. The only ones that can be cleaned up are for non-existent sensors or ports.

You could disable sensors or ports modules to reduce RRDs.

However, the amount of space RRDs use is very small. I would suggest increasing the storage size instead.

Thanks for the answer. I thought that maybe there was an option to delete entries older than X days. I deployed LibreNMS to monitor my ‘homelab’ infrastructure, I don’t need to keep such a long history. What do you mean when you say very small? The persistent volume that keeps my RRD cache is 17.5 gb with 16 devices. I still have to measure how much it grows every day but if I understand you correctly you are saying that the only thing I can do is to expand the underlying storage/disable some sensors

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