Help with alerting for volume size?

Hello Libre community! I’m hoping to get some help setting up alert rules for disk space remaining on a volume in a netapp.

I admit to being pretty much a total newbie here, the closest I’ve come is something like:

Entity: %storage.storage_perc_warn
Smaller than: 5%

Is there an easy way to build these out based on info from

Help? =\


should be %storage.storage_perc <= 5

%storage.storage_perc_warn checks the device storage warning which usually defaults to 60%

Thanks Kevin, will give it a shot, is there a way to point that alert at a specific email address other than the General Alert address as well?

It’s more of use for my storage admin than me as the network admin.

Also - is Libre able to narrow this down to a specific volume on a storage device?

You can’t send alerts to specific email addresses no.

Yes you can limit it to the mount point, I’ll leave that as an exercise for you to figure out as you get to understand how alerting works and it will make it easier in the long run.