Help with alerting SOLVED

Hello, I’m new to librenms and am confused by the alerting system. In the gui, I used the default alert rules, which made 16 rules. These rules seem to work for in-app alerts but I don’t understand how to get email alerts. in the docs under “Creating a new Transport” it’s not clear to me what I’m supposed to do. When I go to the gui, under Alerts/Alert Transports I’ve created a test transport with my Gmail address but when I test it, it gives me an smtp error. But when I set that up it doesn’t give me options to put smtp settings. Can someone help me understand this?

Thank you.

Hi erik2282 and welcome to the Forum.

I’m not using Mail as transport but:
have you configured your Mail Settings?

it can be found in:
Global Settings -> Alerting -> Email Options

Maybe this helps

Yes, it is setup. But I still get the smtp error.

got it. i had a typo in email setting