Help with graylog logs not showing up, but when I change the name of the device oxidized configs start not showing up

So I have the following problem :
I have a cisco router with name I’ve turn on logging on and I collect the syslog with graylog. Graylogs shows me that the messages’ source is notice the “:” at the end. If I dont include it in the name of the device the graylog logs dont appear in librenms if I include it for some reason I start to loose oxidized.
It would be really nice to have a field for each device to use for oxidized and graylog, so one could have the name setup the way he/she wants and the oxidized and graylog fields would be there to help those services recognize the devices. In the meantime is there any way around this problem ? Thanks.

Why does it have a colon at the end?

I really have no idea, I would guess it’s the way Cisco does things. It appears so in the graylog as a source.

Edit : I modified the extractor on the graylog to remove the “:” but it would be great if we could assign values for the oxidized and graylog to recognize how to associate the devices with their logs/configs.

My Cisco devices don’t have colons appended to the hostname.

It’s an old VXR7206 with NPEg2 routing processor and 12.4 IOS . I have no idea why it puts a colon after the ip/hostname. I even tried it with a random string as logging origin-id and the colon is always there …