Help with Map seetings

Map question.
I have all my devices with a correct address formatted as
address, city, st zip
When I go to the map it shows a big blue area
on my map wdiget I have set the default long/lat the city shows but not icons.
I have even tried to change the SNMP Location to address, city, st zip[long,lat]
no sucesses. I am using the default leaflet/OpenStreetMap

We use only [long,lat] on our SNMP Location.

and enter them as [long,lat]
I was hoping for auto looked up as my client routers get deployed to multiple addresses and would use the snmp location in the email to them

Im using google maps api,

i have no problems mapping “street 3, zip_code Place”

Using sys location set on the device with Open Street Maps without issues.
I have the address as returned by a normal Google Maps lookup. Lat Long coordinates are in square brackets as per the docs. My Lat Longs are to 6 dp. Also pulled from Google Maps.

Is this still an issue for you?