Highlight graph line by mousing over matching legend item

First, thank you for a really GREAT monitoring app!

In complicated line graphs with a lot of tracked items, it’d be really nice to be able to highlight a particular graph line by mousing over the matching legend entry.

E.G. I have one storage server with a temperature chart tracking 16 CPU temps and 13 drive temps. The disk usage chart tracks more than 75 ZFS datasets. In these charts it’s completely impossible to identify a particular graph line and tie it to the legend by color alone.

If a user could mouse over a particular legend entry and have the one corresponding graph line go bold, it’d make charts like this much more useful and easier to use.

I’m sure you’re aware of this, but just in case you’re not, temperature and disk usage charts have both a summary chart which shows all temperatures or disk usage on a single graph with many lines, (and yes that can get very busy with many sensors or disks) and also individual graphs for each individual sensor and disk.

I don’t think the summary graphs (in the overview section of health) are designed for extracting detailed data they’re just there for a quick overview at a glance. If there are that many lines laid over top of each other on the summary you wouldn’t be able to pick out the one you want with a mouse over anyway.

If you want accurate data look at the individual graphs. In the Health tab just go to Disk Usage or Temperature categories instead of Overview then you will have individual graphs for each item. The same applies for all health items that are shown in the overview tab.