HINT: ifAlias length is not limited to 64 characters, check your CISCO config!


not a help request, just a heads up, in case somebody has the same problem.
I was just about to open feature request, but then I found out, I had a L8-issue here.

If you see the ifAlias of your CISCO-device ports cut off after 64 characters,
please ensure that your device config has this:

snmp ifmib ifalias long

otherwise your CISCO-device will cut off after 64 characters.
Using this option will allow all 256 characters.

-> https://www.c isc o.com/c/en/us/td/docs/ios-xml/ios/snmp/configuration/15-s/snmp-15-s-book/nm-snmp-cfg-snmp-support.html

Got the hint from “them”:
http://jira. ob servium .org/browse/OBSERVIUM-1857

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Thanks awaum for posting this fix, we just had the same problem, it cut off the interface description after 64 characters.