Hirschmann Mach MAR1040, Hirschmann Mice MS30 Swiches

Hello alle readers,

I’am very new to Librenms but it works great.
After testing @home now a have setup testing @work.

Running on
Synology DSM 6.1 witth docker 17.05.0 Compose 1.14.0
Docker for MariaDB 10.2.11
Docker for Librenms 1.35 31-12-2017
RRD 1.5.5

The system runs ok, but i have 2 questions
1 We us a lot Hirschmann devices, they show up as generic device
a: What do i need to do to detect is als Hirschmann, load MIB ?
b: For the other Librenms usersa can i do something extract info ??
( i’am still learniing how to do anything in the Web UI and the command line)
Like to give command in docker to do smeting in the container
In the changelog i found something about Hirschmann

2: D-Links swicthes DGS-1201-16
The are detected normal, however after 4-6 hour the switch managemnent is blocked due overflow from SNMP traffic
Is there a problem with D-Link or can i change settings in librenms?
For now i enabled ping ICMP only.

Create an issue on GitHub and provide all the info we ask for there.

If the device can’t handle how many snmp queries we send then you’ll need to disable some unneeded poller/discovery modules. Sometimes devices allow you to tune the control plane policies but I doubt it’s possible on a d-link device. Maybe check for firmware updates.

https://pastebin.com/6PwYXJJc HI30 discovery
https://pastebin.com/BXKfUXx3 polling

Problem the SMPwalk size is to big for pastebin
Can i delete parts from the walkfile

( i can not directly paste tp pastebin since the device is on a remote installation without inet access.) So i copy the commands to xxx.tct , copy the usb and then to pastebin0

You need to put that information in to a github issue: github.com/librenms/librenms/issues

You can upload the walk straight to github.