Hostnames alternatively and intermittenly displaying in red


Observation while browsing All Devices page
Sometimes some hostnames are showing in red, but these devices are actually reachable via snmpwalk from LibreNMS server. At a later time, some other hostnames being reachable via snmpwalk display in red.

Q1: hostname displaying in red = polling to these devices in the last polling cycle was failed?

Q2: What could be the root causes of this kind of intermittent failures?

Any help would be much appreciated.

check the eventlog
Overview -> Eventlog

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Thanks Kevin.
Found in Eventlog: ‘Device status changed to Down from icmp check’, fake alert though.

You will most likely need to tune something - go check the performance docs

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Thanks laf. Looking into it. Fake alerts is a very helpful link that I started with, from fake alert towards performance.