How can I remove certain disk from s.m.a.r.t. application data?

Hi, I finally successfully set up the librenms s.m.a.r.t. application on my freenas box, however before the success there were some issues, and while I resolved them in the end, my graphs ended up being populated with disks such as this:
Z523NTFA, Z523NTTC, Z523P22S, Z523P294, ZDH67KQV, ZDH67L6Z, ZDH67XWC, ZDH6BW4V, ZDH6C26H, ZDH6CBVN, ZDH6CC5T, ZGY4JMNS, da5, env__perl__No_such_file_or_directory

how can i remove the “env__perl__No_such_file_or_directory” ?

I’m guessing it comes from the fact that freenas ain’t “pure” freebsd distro as I understand it, so I had to modify the top line in the smart script to point to correct path for perl and before I did that, the only data that got reported was the error.

Thanks for any help!

I ended up deleting the host and adding it again.

I had this happen later and found solution without having to re-add the host.

I went into the /opt/librenms/rrd/ directory and manually deleted the .rrd files which contained the error string in them and that solved it right out.