How can i setup alert rules?


i installed LibreNMS 1.6 , added some devices and now i want setup alert rules, just set tresholds for alarms. After i went to “Alert Rules” and “create alert rule” this tab appeared:

I really dont know how to set up, i noticed that there is “Docs” hypertext co i decidec to use docs, unfortunately i didnt find guide how to set Rules (step by step) i found video in Documentation but the tab for “Alert Rules” look different …

Can anyone help me please understand how can i easily create the alert ? if im blind and there is guide in docs im sorry but i didnt find anything which can help me in this case.

Thank you in advance.



First, take a look to the rule collection. Maybe the one you want is there.

Instead of setting up thresholds in the alert rule, if they are for sensor, use the defined in the devices (so you can have different thresholds for different devices all with the same rule).

What do you want to alert?

Hello thnaks for quick reply, we using Huawei hardware and for example now i working with RH2288H V3 server, the server has two PSU and i want to be informed if one PSU went down.

I went through the collection but unfortunately i didnt find what i search.

Actually, for example CPU temperature - i can do this via Custom OID which somehow converts into AlertRule but there is only limited options in CustomOID see:

For CPU temp it is OK but when i have for example PSU which could have 6 different states i don know how can i specify these states in the alert (alarm) settings.


Thank you