How to add custom oid


There is a way to add custom oid to librenms in order to make some graphs and bills ?
I have Juniper router and i want poll only certain oid created by junos’ filters.
How can i add this oid ? I read this file: but it’s quite complicated…

If it’s a specific OID then not really.

If it’s a tree within the MIB then the doc you linked to is correct.

What’s the OID?

The same problem. I try to add OID generated by filter in junos in Juniper.
For example:

It is a counter

It needs to be the name iirc, i.e ifAlias.

There is some way, tool to translate this kind of OID to the name supported by librenms ?
Thare are some plans on librenms roadmap to support this kind of custom OID ?

That would be a huge improvement. I’d definitely like to shut down all the garbage that gets polled. In my situation, there is only %20 useful information at the moment. I don’t want any info from virtual or sub interfaces. And I don’t want the pkt/s graphs. bit/s is enough for me.
Again, it would be a huge relief for my nms server’s resources.


You know you can disable them, right?

Or manually inside each device or directly in config.php for all matches:

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No, I haven’t got that deep yet.
Thank you for pointing it out.

Hello, custom oid feature has been merged to master code.

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