How to capture average bandwidth for multiple ports?

I have about 80 ports I need to get the monthly average bandwidth, every month.

Is there any way to do this without making them all into billed ports? I would like the data in a csv file. I use the API for other tasks but I can’t figure a way to do it.

Make one bill, add all the ports.

If I have multiple ports under a billed port, wouldn’t:

   "rate_average_in": ,

Be the combined data from all of the ports?

The rrdtool graph shows the average for each port. Is there a way to grab that data from the API? If not, I would have to use rrdtool to get it?

Don’t use quick graphs, use accurate graphs.

What do you mean “use accurate graphs”?

When I view the accurate graphs for a billed port with multiple ports - The data seems to be a combined total of all the ports.

Another issue with making this a billed port - It only generates the 95th data from this month so far.

Is there not a way through the API to get the previous months 95th on any given port? rrdtool is generating the graphs but I can’t figure out how to get that information.

rrdtool data is degraded over time and should not be used for billing.

If you want individual ports make individual bills.