How to create a custom device type?

I am planning to use Librenms to monitor my network devices but the 90% of them are identified as “network” despite firewalls or loadbalancers that are recognizes as they are.

How could i create device types like Access Points, wireless controller, Switch, Router…?

I know I could do these using device groups, but I am planning to use device groups in another way.

Thanks in advance!

Device groups is the way to go… But i think you can over ride os device type. in config.php

You can also override the type in the device settings:

Well…Both answers are correct but incorrect at same time.

Devices types are hardcoded. You “can” create more, but you will need to code them. Im unsure if that will break your install. For sure will prevent updating it.

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I have included a new category on /includes/ and now appears in the dropdown box.

// Device Types
$i = 0;

$config[‘device_types’][$i][‘text’] = ‘AP’;
$config[‘device_types’][$i][‘type’] = ‘ap’;
$config[‘device_types’][$i][‘icon’] = ‘wireless.png’;


@TheGreatDoc, do you think this file will be overwrited on an update?


Yes it will stop updates from working…

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ok, I will remove the config and I will add Featura Request.

Thanks for all.