How To Exclude Components From Alerts?

How can I exclude device components from triggering alarms. We have an IP Security Camera that when scanned with SNMP is setting off a critical state alarm because the device doesn’t have an SD card inserted. We don’t care about this particular alarm because we never insert SD cards into the devices. How can I disable and/or exclude the “Storage Status: SD_DISK” component from triggering alarms (or even being discovered)?

As another example, our security camera servers have circular writing. The disk is always 98% full because it is constantly expiring old and writing new data to it. These drives also are alarmed for being over the 85% threshold we set for our servers. How can I exclude just those drives from this alarm?

In the web UI … Look under device settings.

Hi Thanks for the reply. Are you referring to the “Ignore” option in the device settings?

I’m not looking to ignore the entire device, just specific components in the device. For example, on the security camera server, I want to ignore the E: drive because it’s always full but not the C: drive.

No… Look in Health for the sensors. you can turn alerting off for SD cards. and also storage you can set it to 101%. So it will ignore it.

I already turned the alerts for this device off on the health settings page, but it’s still alerting.

hmmm… I think you can exclude a device for the alert rule, what alert rule is this alerting on?

For the cam with the SD card, this is the rule.

I think you can exclude a device from a rule. I would say inside the rule just add something like “devices.SysName” not equal to “Blah”.

I think.


I would say inside the rule just add something like “devices.SysName” not equal to “Blah”.

Yes, exactly what I do to exclude localhost from a high CPU utilisation alert:

processors.processor_usage > 90 AND macros.device_up = 1 AND devices.hostname != "localhost"