How to graph CPU IO Wait times?

None of my Linux servers are showing IO Wait in the detailed CPU usage graphs. They’re only showing Nice, Idle, System, and User. But, doing searches through the ucd-mib.php and related files, there’s lots of mentions of iowait. It just doesn’t appear in the graphs.

What am I missing? How do I get the iowait added to the detailed CPU graphs? It’s polled via SNMP, just not graphed anywhere. If I click the “view rrd command” link on the graph page, neither iowait nor wait appear anywhere in the command.

There’s one specific server that I would really like to get this enabled on, if there’s something I have to do manually. Otherwise, if there’s a way to enable it for all systems, that would be great.


I second that request, this is really a big thing missing in LibreNMS, imoho. There’s neither a facility to alert for high CPU wait, or high disk IO.

Just found this, maybe it could work, coupled with mk_agent? Not sure yet.

The code to collect it is 9 years old which dates back to the Observium days. So I guess it was never done then, and nobody since has done it either.

The fix is to add the graphs to includes/html/graphs/device/ I guess