Huawei Switch : missing Serial number of optical Transceiver in Inventory

For all my HUAWEI Switch (CAMPUS 5700 and 6700 Serie), i don’t see serial number of Optical Transceiver in Inventory. However it works for Cisco switch or router.
When i launch Discovery Debug capture, i can see this (Truncated) :

67469454 =>
array (
‘hwEntityOpticalMode’ => ‘2’,
‘hwEntityOpticalWaveLength’ => ‘0’,
‘hwEntityOpticalTransDistance’ => ‘0’,
’hwEntityOpticalVendorSn’ => ‘SOPD26Z-0159’,
‘hwEntityOpticalTemperature’ => ‘42’,
‘hwEntityOpticalVoltage’ => ‘3268’,
‘hwEntityOpticalVenderName’ => ‘CISCOSOLIDOPTICS’,
‘hwEntityOpticalVenderPn’ => ‘SFP10G-DWDM26-ZR’,

The information is however well recovered.
Do you have any idea of ​​the problem?


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