I want to find out Device model no & manufacturer detail

Hello, Can i find Device model and manufacturer information via Librenms?

Waiting for your valuable reply.

You can usually find it on the device overview page, or if you want a list, then go to

Device -> all devices, and usually its reported in the “versions” or “platforms” filter, but this depends on how the device reports it via SNMP, sometimes the device will report it’s model into operating system as well i believe.

If you want more information on a device, like line card information or other chassis parts etc, then Overview -> Inventory

Chas, Thank you for quick reply. But i didn’t get such information as you suggested in inventory.
We mostly have Dell devices. so if we can get service tag and system model number, it would be easier for us in inventory.

You then have to find out if the device provides it with SNMP, and if yes extend LibreNMS to collect and display it.