I want to use gitcrypt with Oxidized, but please tell me how


I want to be able to specify gitcrypt as output in the config file in Oxidized and push files encrypted by gitcrypt to Github.

In Oxidized’s dockerfile (oxidized/Dockerfile at master · ytti/oxidized · GitHub), I could not find the description of the package installation command necessary for using gitcrypt and the key generation command, so I modified it. I think it’s what you need.

Therefore, I wrote the necessary settings such as git-crypt in the dockerfile and created a docker image, but when I looked at the container log, the following message occurred and I could not push to github.
In addition, the information of the server where the command of Oxidized is executed (execution of the specified command) can be obtained.

Error: no GPG secret key available to unlock this repository
To unlock with a shared symmetric key instead, specify the path to the symmetric key argument to 'git-crypt unlock'
Error: this repository is already locked.

You can simply push to Github by Oxidized without using gitcrypt,
I ran gitcrypt manually without using Oxidized and confirmed that the encrypted file was pushed to Github.

The official page (oxidized/Outputs.md at master · ytti/oxidized · GitHub) also states to refer to the git-crypt author’s page for details. and I don’t know how to introduce gitcrypt with Oxidized.
Therefore, please tell me the setting procedure when using git-crypt with Oxidized.