Ignore Filesystems

I have included some of the “ignore_mount” directives in my config.php file and they’re not working, has anyone else had this issue? Here is an example of the mounted drives that I’d like to ignore… any help would be greatly appreciated with this as I cannot seem to get it to not display these mounted partitions.

// Filesystems
$config[‘ignore_mount’] = ‘/mnt/localdisk/jails’;
$config[‘ignore_mount_string’] = ‘jails’;

check here https://docs.librenms.org/#Support/Configuration/#storage-configuration

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This is my configuration now, however it’s still not ignoring the storage that I’d like to not monitor, what is it that I’m missing? Thanks for your assistance, I very much appreciate it.

// Filesystems
$config[‘ignore_mount’][] = “/mnt/localdisk/jails”;
$config[‘ignore_mount_string’][] = “jails”;

Have you re-run discovery after making this change?

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I seem to have gotten this taken care of, is there not a way to use a wildcard to ignore all downstream directories? Such as…

$config[‘ignore_mount’][] = “/mnt/localdisk/*”;

Yes, I finally figured that out by running ./discovery.php -h (device) or (ipaddress), however I’m looking for a way to use a wildcard to ignore all folders at a certain directory and below, are you aware if this is an option?

Keep looking in the docs, you want to use regular expressions so need the other ignore option…

Thanks, I appreciate it