Ignoring alert for only particular time


Would it possible to make an alert ignore, not permanent (as already implemented) but for selected time. For example if the alert occurs, i would like to ignore it till 2023-11-25. After this time passes, the alert could be active again.
I think the Observium still has this feature.

Would it be possible ?

Thank for wonderful job.

There is no UI element for it, but you could add it in to the alert rule.

could you please elaborate more ? Are you talking combining interface ignore tag and creating alert rule with particular time ?

I’ve a quite nasty situation when one of the interfaces sometimes hits the alert. And i want to disable alerts for 2months. In that time we would expand the interfaces to avoid that problem, but for now alert on that port should be disabled.

Make sure your role takes the port.ignore field into account (I think the port_up macro does this) and go into the devices settings and set that port to ignore.