Improve in declaring a device to be down

As of now, if LibreNMS is unable to pull data via SNMP, it declares the device to be down.

This should be changed and should work with conjunction with ping.

There should be option where user should be allowed to choose when to declare a device to be down

  1. Ping + SNMP
  2. Ping or SNMP
  3. Ping Only
  4. SNMP

LibreNMS should provide this as global setting and admins can tweak this option on per device basis.

We get lots of emails from LibreNMS stating device to be down however they are not. Many times devices are busy and cannot reply for SNMP and that is when LibreNMS declares them down. If we can somehow change this to Ping or SNMP, then if ping or snmp is working it will not declare device to be dead. I understand that LibreNMS wont be able to get stats but atleast it will not declare device to be down, its availability will be high and there will be less spam emails

You can already change devices and globally the ability to disable ICMP check so 4 is covered. 3 won’t be done until we support non-snmp based devices.

2 is basically 3 + 4 so isn’t going to be done until 3 is.

1, well that’s how it is by default.

If you are getting device down due to icmp, try updating your fping version.